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Seven years ago, I photographed my first wedding, and I've photographed A LOT of weddings since then.

Throughout this journey, I've learned about myself, and I've learned a thing or two about weddings. That brings us here, to this exact moment.

You made it here because something about who I am and what I do piqued your interest. I made it here because I freaking LOVE what I do and how I do it. 

If you're...
  • uniquely yourself
  • intentional 
  • a little ( or a lotta) goofy
  • not afraid to dance in public
  • but maybe a little uncomfortable being photographed

...I think we'll make a great team. I'm here to HYPE you up, make sure you feel comfortable, and offer you a solid but fun expeirence. 

I’m Colleen

north georgia based wedding & elopement photographer

It's hard to put into words how photographing weddings makes me feel- joy, happiness, and connected to others simply scratch the surface.

There's something about two people coming together and making the decision to commit the rest of their lives to one another. It's brave and beautiful. And the fact that I get to document that? Unreal! 

I love that all love is different and unique. I love that I get to capture that uniqueness. I love that I get to connect with your friends and family members and both witness and capture their emotions throughout the day. I love that I always get to meet new people I would've probably never met otherwise. I love that I get to make other people laugh and laugh with others. I love that I get to dance with everyone on the dance floor.

It's the joy and the happiness and the connection that I get to share with you. 

why weddings?

Lydia, bride

 From her attention to detail to making sure all of our questions were answered to passing out her own snacks in a “hunger crisis” on our wedding day she was so professional. She captured moments that I don’t even recall happening and got the most wonderful pictures of my father who passed away recently. I will always have those pictures and I will always have the happiness captured in them.

Colleen took our wedding photos, and I am stunned by how incredible they turned out. I never knew just how fully and completely a photograph could capture the energy and spirit of a moment until I saw Colleen's photos from our wedding day. She gave me my wedding day, frozen in time, moment after moment, to cherish forever, and I cannot be more grateful.

Taylor, bride

we'll have a good time.

- Fluff your wedding dress
- Make sure your tie is straight
- Make sure you're hydrated
- Carry your dress while you walk
- Tell awesome jokes
- Reassure you if anything crazy happens
- Dance, even if there's nobody on the dance floor
- Capture the moments you think nobody saw
- Give you a big hug at the end of the night

I don't just take pictures.

on your wedding day, i'll also...