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Six years ago, I began photographing weddings. If you would've told me  seven years ago this would be my full-time job, I wouldn't believe you. But I can't imagine doing anything else in this chapter of my life, and it brings me immense joy. 

When I was in college, I changed my  major multiple times and ended up graduating with a BS in Psychology. At the time, I dreamed of being a therapist, but I felt a calling to photography. While I (hopefully) one day still plan to peruse that line of work, my way of helping others now is through photographs and all that comes with the process.

When I say I want to get to know you and your partner, I mean it. Part of that process includes sharing my life experiences as well. You'll 100% hear about my husband, my cats, my family. I'll tell you stories relevant to our experiences together, and ask you about your life. Each and every couple I work with holds a spot in both my heart and my mind, so I make sure to give them pieces of those parts of myself. Don't worry though. I won't give you a piece of  my mind in THAT way. 

a gal with a big heart + a  lot of love to give

I’m Colleen


It's hard to put into words how photographing weddings makes me feel- joy, happiness, and connected to others simply scratch the surface.

There's something about two people coming together and making the decision to commit the rest of their lives to one another. It's brave and beautiful. And the fact that I get to document that? Unreal! 

I love that all love is different and unique. I love that I get to capture that uniqueness. I love that I get to connect with your friends and family members and both witness and capture their emotions throughout the day. I love that I always get to meet new people I would've probably never met otherwise. I love that I get to make other people laugh and laugh with others. I love that I get to dance with everyone on the dance floor.

It's the joy and the happiness and the connection that I get to share with you. 

why weddings?

we'll have a good time.

- Fluff your wedding dress
- Make sure your tie is straight
- Make sure you're hydrated
- Carry your dress while you walk
- Tell awesome jokes
- Reassure you if anything crazy happens
- Dance, even if there's nobody on the dance floor
- Capture the moments you think nobody saw
- Give you a big hug at the end of the night

I don't just take pictures.

on your wedding day, i'll also...

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shouldn't everybody?! I mean bodies of water though. I'm a pisces through and through. i'm happiest near a creek, river, or the ocean.

I love water.

My husband and I visited mt. rainier in 2021 for our blated honeymoon, and i fell in love.

Washington has my heart.

i've been in animal rescue for over 7 years now and have fostered  50+ cats and kittens.

I foster cats + kittens.

a few facts about me

I'm big on mental health.

I've been through the ringer and back as far as mental health goes, and it's something i talk about openly and honestly. you are loved and worthy.

Taylor C

Colleen took our wedding photos, and I am stunned by how incredible they turned out. I never knew just how fully and completely a photograph could capture the energy and spirit of a moment until I saw Colleen's photos from our wedding day. She gave me my wedding day, frozen in time, moment after moment, to cherish forever, and I cannot be more grateful.


Caroline H

Colleen did an amazing job photographing our wedding! She was super nice and easy to talk to and the pictures are beautiful and so special to us. I saw her work on Instagram and met her by chance and she was very accomodating of our last-minute, whirlwind wedding.


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I'm an earthy gal at heart. I wear the same 4 colors- white, army green, rust, and navy, but WOOOOWEEEE! You can't go wrong with a bold + colorful palette for your wedding. 

that i

bold colors

current wedding trends

Pearls are a classic, but they're making a big comeback in the wedding world? I'm a sucker for pearl detailing on veils, dresses, and shoes.

that i 


current wedding trends

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It's your wedding. Wear whatever the heck you want! You can even have multiple dresses. Make your wedding the wedding you want it to be!

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non-traditional attire

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