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Life is far too short to not try to make the best of each and every keep your heart tucked away from others. Making the best of all you endure and opening your heart to love are both bold and amazing choices.

I'm so happy that you've opened your heart and found your person that sparks joy, so much so that you want to create memories together for the rest of your days. Take that feeling. Remember it. That's the same feeling I want you to feel when choosing me as your wedding photographer, in a non-romantical way, of course. Making big decisions can be hard, maybe even scary, but choosing someone to document this bold love you choose every day should feel easy.

I'm here to be your guide, your confidant, your biggest hype-woman. I vow to serve you on your wedding day and all the moments in between. I promise we'll have fun along the way!

Kind Words

"Colleen was so much fun and helpful throughout our special day! We started with our engagement shoot with her and that made the wedding that much better since we already knew one another. Her photos are to die for!! We love her work!!"
- Danielle & Wade

"We LOVE Colleen! We had the pleasure of trading services with her for each other’s weddings and we couldn’t be happier with our wedding photos! She was everywhere on the wedding day, captured every detail, and helped us stay on schedule. She even stayed with us after our faux send off and partied with us! We are excited to have her as a lifelong friend and will recommend her to any of our clients looking for a photographer!"
- Katie and Matthew 

Sup?  I'm Colleen!

I'm just a gal with a big heart and a lot of feelings. If you cry during your vows, I'll be behind my camera crying with you. I'll grab you a drink after the ceremony, help you wiggle out the nerves, laugh at all your jokes, and do my best to make you giggle, too. I'll go where you want to go, be honest if it won't photograph well, and give you suggestions if feel unsure.  

Personal connection, especially this day in age, can be hard. I'm here to make it feel easy. I know having a camera following you around all day can seem tough, but we'll have a dang good time. I love getting to know each couple on a deeper level so that we can laugh, have a great time together, and so I can truly serve you AND truly document your love.


Recent  Love Stories

Here at Colleen Elise Photography, all love is welcome. Always. This is a fully inclusive space for the LGBTQIA+  and BIPOC communities.
You deserve wedding vendors that see you, hear you, support you, and love you. 

All Love. Always.

North Carolina, Georgia, Washington, and beyond!