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I did a couples session giveaway last year, and one of Emily’s friends entered and won….but didn’t have a boo thang to do the session with. She was nice enough to gift Emily and David the engagement session, which was MORE than cool with me since Emily is my best friend’s sister!

We did their session in the beautiful Winn Park, which is a quiet, quaint little park in the Ansley Park neighborhood of Atlanta. These two are PERFECT for each other, and I’m so happy they found one another. You’ll see lots of laughing and giggling photos….cause they were just in a silly goofy mood the whole time. 😂 No, but really- we laughed and had fun.

Also shout out to the dude laying on the bench in some of the photos. I swear I had edited him out, but I guess it was too difficult, and I just ended up leaving him in.

Enjoy 🙂


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